Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Dyin' and Thinkin' on Mal by Margie, True North by Hurry Sundown, Green Gold and Blue by Madders, Sides by 16shadesofwild to the Jayne/Mal section.

Wherein Jayne and Simon Have Sex by simmysim to the Jayne Simon section (doh)

Novice and Winter/Spring by Niz4 to the Jayne River section.

Hate by Rinalin and Death of the Spirit parts one and two to the Gen section.

Plus there's a new Real Person Slash WIP added to the Adam section called Rock Paper Scissors by Hurry Sundown (Ad/Nate) and In the Blur of Serenity (an Ad/Nate interlude) by me added to the re-added Nine Inches page.


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