Sunday, October 02, 2005

Eden again

Have taken down some of the more extreme RPS and added a whole wonderful load of icons and artwork by Rinalin. And also a wonderful, wonderful Jayne gen ficlet by her, but be warned, it's full of Serenity the BDM spoliers. Also I've added fics to the 'And the Rest' section - three amazing Patriot fics by Susan Carhart, two wonderful Knowle/Shannon stories by Deslea and there's a Ricky Linderman fic by Trisanna that made me cry and think and cry some more.

Oh for some Danny Love stories.

Now I shall either write or do some screencaps.


Blogger bugchicklv said...

Hey sweetie, it's bugchicklv...

You have to read some of the stuff at LJ. I'd like you to convince "swordpoker" to put her stuff here. She writes an excellent Danny, and the Danny/Paul stuff was just...*sigh*

I miss that show.

And how much do I hate you now? You know, getting the eps of The Inside that we didn't.

Good thing I torrent, eh?


Missing you...Mich

4:05 AM  

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